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When it came time to develop The Genius Truck Franchise System, we called on our years of experience to offer the same kind of support you could expect from an industry leader. We wanted to make sure that our franchisees feel like they have a support network with which they can rely on no matter the circumstances. Although a strong work ethic and serious level of commitment are traits necessary to start a successful business, there is no substitution for reliable Franchisor support and we promise to be there when you need us.

Here is a brief summary of the many services we offer to our franchise owners.

- initial equipment preparation

When you first begin your journey towards growing your Genius Truck franchise, we will work for you to ensure that you have the proper equipment necessary to begin your business. The Genius Truck itself, with a gorgeous custom wrap on it, the lawn care equipment, the pool and pump maintenance tools, the uniforms and more will all be selected specifically for you and included in our Route Starter Packages.

- on site training

Wherever you choose to begin your new franchise, we will fly out an expert member of the Genius Truck franchise development team to meet you and provide on- site training to you and your new employees. We will also provide fully detailed training manuals to answer any questions about the operation of The Genius Truck. 

- 60 days local sales & marketing available

If requested, we will also send a member of our marketing team to your business who will kick start your local sales and marketing efforts. This marketing & sales representative will remain with you and your franchise for up to 60 days, or while you reach your first 30 clients. Because we expect an individual Genius Truck to support 50-60 clients, these first 30 clients will allow you to create a ‘break-even’ sustainable business model which will only scale upwards as your client list grows.

- social media and internet marketing campaigns

Because The Genius Truck has such a focus on the value of our digital products, such as the online client account portal, our customers are more inclined to participate in and engage with online marketing efforts. As a new Genius Truck franchisee, we will work with you to create an online presence that is specific to your local area. This will include services like website creation, social media ad marketing, and we will provide a content database from which you can populate an area-specific Genius Truck blog. You could also choose to mail out this content in a monthly newsletter. There are many creative ways to utilize the content we provide to our franchisees, and we can’t wait to hear your Genius ideas.

- traditional marketing efforts

We believe that creating a marketing campaign that utilizes a consistent message across both traditional and digital media is the best way to reach as many potential clients as possible. In conjunction with the aforementioned social media campaign development, we will create, develop, and mail out direct marketing materials to qualified homes within your service area. There will be no need to contact a third-party design and print shop when we have included all of these materials within The Genius Truck Franchise System itself.

- staff development

When you decide to take the plunge and start your very own Genius Truck team, you will want to make sure that you are hiring only the best and brightest home care Geniuses. During the first 60 days of rapid franchise development with senior members of our Genius Truck team, we will also coach you on the best hiring and training practices so that you can learn to select only the best Geniuses. Our staff will help with interviewing, selecting, and training any new staff you decide to bring on. You will decide how large or small your team will need to be based on the area you want to cover and the number of trucks you wish to manage.

- room to grow

We truly believe that The Genius Truck is such a great service, we want to make it available to as many home and business owners as we possibly can. There may even be multiple Genius Truck franchises within a specific region, but we guarantee each of our franchisees a protected service area. Within this protected service area, you will have exclusive access to approximately 10,000 qualified single-family homes. So, even if an inquiry from a home in your area is made to another territory’s office, the client will be assigned to your location for servicing. This ensures efficient and hassle-free lead management and results in an incredibly low-conflict business model, even among competing franchises. We work with all our franchises to create flexible service areas that are able to scale with the needs of a franchisee.

- online client account portal

Another advantage that sets us apart from ALL other lawn care services is not only our commitment to providing a total home care service package, but rather our implementation of our online client account portal. This portal allows for clients to edit their service schedules, pay their bills, view invoices, update payment methods, request services, suspend service, leave comments and compliments, and make referrals.

Also unique to The Genius Truck is our detailed weekly service reports. These reports give our clients access to the same checklists and data management systems that our Geniuses use to make sure we are providing only the highest quality of service. In these reports clients are able to view the services completed, any visit specific notes and annotations, and even see detailed photographs that both allow us to improve upon our service week after week, but also to give the clients peace of mind that they are receiving the services they paid for.

Brian W.
  - Phoenix, AZ

At first I was skeptical. I had to pretty much stop using two existing vendors to give The Genius Truck a try. We never looked back. Excellent idea and service.

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