About The Genius Truck - Home Maintenance Services & Franchising

Why, and How We Are Genius.

The Genius Truck History

The Genius Truck was originally conceived by Ralph Massetti, a seasoned franchise consultant and owner of The Franchise Builders, a franchise consulting and development firm that has helped dozens of home service organizations develop and grow specialized service business models. 

Knowing that there are plenty of "specialized" home service providers, Ralph felt what the residential home service and maintenance industry really lacked, was a service option that provided homeowners with a single vendor that expertly performed ALL their needed home maintenance services, not more choices that meant homeowners would have a half a dozen "specialist" vendors to pay and manage.

That said, Ralph didn't just jump in, but instead tirelessly surveyed, tested, debated, trialed and challenged his team to create the ultimate ONE STOP home maintenance service company that could provide U.S. homeowners with a SINGLE provider for ALL their home maintenance services. The Genius Truck emerged, built around a simple flat-fee pricing model, with no long-term commitments, the most advanced (and expensive) maintenance vehicle ever built, a fully technology enabled system with 100% online account management, certified, insured and background checked Geniuses and a leading industry guarantee on every service Genius Truck performs.

Officially launching in Arizona, The Genius Truck plans a rapid expansion throughout the U.S. Sunbelt, ingeniously improving the lives and properties of The Genius Truck clients.

The Genius Truck Customer Benefits

  • One Provider
  • One Call
  • One Truck
  • One Team
  • One Bill
  • 24 hour Genius Guarantee
  • Fully insured / certified / background checked Geniuses
  • Uniformed (and clean) Geniuses
  • Fewer vendor visits per week
  • Green friendlier
  • Precision timed services
  • Advanced Technologies
  • 100% online account management
  • Instant notification upon completion
  • Weekly service reports / checklist
  • Photo video updates
  • Weekly payment plans - paid twice monthly
  • Most advanced truck in the industry
  • Specialized training for each Genius
  • Locally owned
  • Service plan upgrade/downgrades
  • Flexible pricing / packages
  • Clean, shiny trucks on property
  • Call center support
Tony P.
  - Scottsdale, AZ

When we started we bought the small "Smart" package. Four weeks later we took the bait and now we are "Genius" package clients for life. I am now considering selling every yard and home accessory I have.

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