Complete Lawn Care


Service includes mowing, trimming, edging, weeding, blowing and clean up. Plus, periodic lawn and shrub fertilization.

Performed: 2-4 times per month, depending on season
Package: Included in all packages

Complete Lawn Care Services

Genius Lawn Care - From the first visit you will know that Lawn Genius is the Genius's favorite task.

Just peek from your home's window and you will find our Geniuses riding our exceptional mowers with care and delight. However, just because you can witness his sheer pleasure, doesn't mean that our Geniuses don't take the task seriously. 

In fact, we understand that among all the tasks we perform, the "green carpet" at our clients' homes represents the greatest area and requires the appropriate attention to detail. Because of that, our Geniuses painstakingly perform advanced lawn care using our scientifically tested Genius Perfection Checklists. 

Our Genius Lawn Care Perfection Checklist includes: 

  1. On arrival, inspect the lawn for damage, broken or malfunctioning sprinklers and/or weed and pest threats.
  2. Prepare the mower and cover every square inch, rotating the cut direction each week, to produce a thick and healthy growth pattern.
  3. Edge the lawn boundaries in straight lines so precise even a Genius would be impressed.
  4. Treat any weed or pest problem areas.
  5. Clean the entire property of cutting debris.
  6. Perform a Lead Genius Inspection of the completed work, ensuring a perfect result, every time. 

Tony P.
  - Scottsdale, AZ

When we started we bought the small "Smart" package. Four weeks later we took the bait and now we are "Genius" package clients for life. I am now considering selling every yard and home accessory I have.

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