Swimming Pool Maintenance

Complete Swimming Pool and Spa Maintenance.
Service includes chemical testing, balancing & stabilization, surface and bottom cleaning, and equipment and check-ups.

Performed: Immediately following lawn service
Package: Included in all packages

Complete swimming pool and spa maintenance.

Okay, we admit it. Our Geniuses are tempted to "dive in", but they're smarter than that!

That said, our Geniuses love water AND science, which means our clients enjoy the sparkling and clean evidence of our commitment to 100% satisfaction. Pool Genius.

In fact, we understand that there is nothing worse than a dirty, cloudy or chemically unbalanced pool or spa. So, to avoid disappointment, we have developed a scientifically tested Genius Perfection Checklist, created for pool and spa perfection. Swimming Pool Maintenance.

The Genius Pool & Spa Care Perfection Checklist includes:

  1. On arrival, inspect the pool and/or spa for any visible signs of distress and test equipment when possible..
  2. Perform a battery of chemical tests to determine between service stability.
  3. Compare past week chemical results and make any adjustments to the current chemical treatment plan.
  4. Perform a thorough cleaning of pool and spa surfaces, walls and bottoms. Also, empty and clean all debris baskets and confirm that any automatic cleaning equipment is free from debris.
  5. Apply the calculated chemical applications to sanitize, stabilize and balance the water characteristics.
  6. Perform a Genius Inspection of the completed work, ensuring a perfect result, every time. 
  7. Report current chemical test results and update equipment and filter condition on Client Service Report.
Brian W.
  - Phoenix, AZ

At first I was skeptical. I had to pretty much stop using two existing vendors to give The Genius Truck a try. We never looked back. Excellent idea and service.

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