Power Washing Servics

Power Washing Services

Commercial Power Washing.
Service includes inspection, pre-treatment and power washing on all concrete and asphalt exterior surfaces. Other areas power washed on request.

Performed: Quarterly
Package: Genius Package, Custom Package

Power Washing Services

Firing up the Power Washer may look fun, but it's hard work, even for a Genius.

That said, we offer Power Washing as the final step in our Genius Package, and our clients report it can make all the difference in polishing the hidden beauty of their homes. Fact is, like a lawn, concrete and asphalt driveways and surfaces can amount to a great deal of property coverage, and if they are dirty, can have a negative impact on the overall beauty of a home.

Why not finish your home with the luster only a skillful services can provide? Our Geniuses are eager to please and love admiring the shiny results post power-washing. And, as expected, to ensure the washing is excellent, we have a Power Washing Genius Perfection Checklist to guide the team through the task.

The Genius Lawn Care Perfection Checklist includes:

  1. Inspect all concrete and asphalt areas for damage or broken areas that should be avoided during the washing process.
  2. Be certain that all personal belongings and furniture is relocated beyond the power washing area.
  3. Pre-treat surface areas needing a deep cleaning or stain removal.
  4. Perform washing and ensure all cleaning solutions are thoroughly rinsed.
  5. Report any surfaces needing repair or attention in Client Visit Report.
  6. Perform a Lead Genius Inspection of the completed work, ensuring a perfect result, every time. 
Adrian L.
  - Scottsdale, AZ

Everything is managed online and we get a text report as they pull from our house each week. No other "yard" guys offer anything like this.

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