Pet Service

Collection and disposal of all pet waste throughout the exterior property of the home.
Service includes a thorough collection and responsible removal and disposal of pet waste at a licensed waste facility.

Performed: prior to lawn care service
Package: Smarter Package, Genius Package or Custom Packages

Pet Service

Ture , it doesn't take a Genius to clean up after our clients pets, but perfection can't hurt when your family is spending time "out back". 

Frankly, of all the services we perform, it's arguable whether this "simple" one isn't among the most appreciated. Either way, if you are a pet owner, trust our team to ensure not only a beautiful yard and lawn, but a clean one.

And, even though it would seem that cleaning up after pets is easy, our Geniuses are creatures of habit and insist of utilizing a Genius tested - Genius Perfection Checklist anyhow to ensure nothing is "left behind"

Pet Service Perfection Checklist includes:

  1. On arrival, inspect the entire exterior of the home for pet waste.
  2. Collect all pet waste in our approved waste containers.
  3. Take note of excessive lawn or property damage and report findings in Visit Report.
  4. Perform a Lead Genius Inspection of the completed work, ensuring a perfect result, every time.
  5. Transport all pet waste to a licensed waste facility for disposal.
  - Paradise Valley, AZ

Okay, I admit I thought it was going to be a bad idea. I was skeptical one company could be "good" at so many services. I was wrong. They take each task as an equally serious part of their packages and are experts throughout.

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