Genius Truck Commercial Services


Discriminating residential clients have come to depend on the convenience and expertise that only The Genius Truck can offer. 

If you own or manage a small to medium size commercial or multi-unit residential property (or properties!), then you too can experience the difference that The Genius Truck Commercial Services can mean to your property, your tenants and your ROI.

Using the same ingenious one-call, one-stop, one-truck service model, there is no better commercial property grounds maintenance solution available. 

So, be a Genius and request a custom quote and FREE TRIAL of our services.

Lawn & Hardscape Genius

Full Lawn Care Services & Maintenance. Service includes mowing, trimming, edging, weeding, blowing and clean up. Plus, periodic lawn and shrub fertilization.

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Pool Genius

Complete Swimming Pool and Spa Maintenance. Service includes chemical testing, balancing & stabilization, surface and bottom cleaning, and equipment and check-ups. 

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Pest Genius

Comprehensive, safe and environmentally responsible pest control treatment of property. Each service includes a full inspection, on-going treatment analysis, treatment application and clean up.

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Pet Genius

Collection and disposal of all pet waste throughout the exterior of the property. Each service includes a thorough collection and responsible removal and disposal.

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Window Genius

Complete cleaning of all exterior Windows & Screens. Service includes screen removal, chamois and squeegee method window cleaning, thorough screen cleaning and drying, and window sill cleaning.

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Gutter Genius

Roof Gutter Debris Removal and Cleaning. Service includes gutter inspection, debris removal, power washing and drain spout clearing/cleaning.

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PowerWash Genius

Commercial Power Washing. Service includes inspection, pre-treatment and power washing on all concrete and asphalt exterior surfaces. Other areas power washed on request.

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Greener Than Green

Using The Genius Truck means up to 6 fewer trucks on our streets. We perform everything in one stop, from one truck.

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Simplify Your life

Only The Genius Truck offers one truck, one bill, one vendor, and one visit. Now that's Genius.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 24 hour "Repeat Service" Guarantee and will return to repeat any service not performed to your satisfaction.


Genius Reporting

Benefit from a complete online account management system and "real-time" completion reports as our truck leaves your home.

Now That's Genius!

Not sure how we can do EVERYTHING?

Watch our entertaining video and learn how our Geniuses care for your ENTIRE property with only one visit per week.

  - Paradise Valley, AZ

Okay, I admit I thought it was going to be a bad idea. I was skeptical one company could be "good" at so many services. I was wrong. They take each task as an equally serious part of their packages and are experts throughout.

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