Home Watch Service

Careful inspection of the property and home by trained Geniuses. 
Service includes 10 point inspection and the completion of the tasks below, plus a full Inspection Report (with pictures) sent by email following each Home Watch visit.

Performed: Weekly, as needed.
Package: Available with all packages

Home Watch Services

When it comes to your home's safety, only a Genius will do.

Our Geniuses are already on your property each week, so if your serviced home is a seasonal or vacation property, trust us to spend a little extra time ensuring it's safe and sound. There is nothing worse than discovering a leak or emergency that went unnoticed until you arrived back at the home after a long period away. Additionally, even a simple maintenance issue can become a devastating and expensive event if left undiscovered for a long period of time. 

So, trust us to be the watchful eye every secondary home needs and eliminate one more worry in the process. 

Home Watch Genius - Home Watch Perfection Checklist includes:

  1. Check for any exterior signs of trespassing, intrusion, vandalism, and weather damage.
  2. Inspect, windows, window coverings for signs of tampering.
  3. Remove and store all newspapers, packages or other deliver ables from door and driveway area(s).
  4. Inspect all irrigation systems and repair, as needed.
  5. Check that all doors and windows are secure.
  6. Ensure that all gates remain locked and secure.
  7. Check and empty mailbox.
  8. Ensure light timers are in working order and bulbs are functional (homeowner provided).
  9. Clean entry way to remove signs of vacancy.
  10. Email Home Watch report after each visit with photos for items needing further attention.
Brian W.
  - Phoenix, AZ

At first I was skeptical. I had to pretty much stop using two existing vendors to give The Genius Truck a try. We never looked back. Excellent idea and service.

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