The Genius Truck Cost Highlights

We have made owning a Genius Truck as affordable as possible for rapid expansion in your Territory.

How much is The Genius Truck Franchise Fee?

The franchise fee for starting a Genius Truck Franchise is $22,500. For this you will assigned a protected territory, and you can add as many additional Genius Truck routes in your territory as your market will support.

What is the Local Sales & Marketing Fee?

If requested, we will also send a member of our marketing team to your business who will kick start your local marketing and advertising efforts. This sales & marketing representative will remain with you and your franchise for up to 60 days, or until you reach your first 30 clients, whichever comes first. Because we expect an individual Genius Truck to support 50-60 clients, these first 30 clients will allow you to quickly create a sustainable business model which will only scale upwards as your client list grows. The Local Sales & Marketing Fee is $25,000, which is less than the market value of acquiring similar clients.

What are The Genius Truck royalty fees?

An 6.5% services revenue royalty fee (based on weekly gross services revenue) is required to continue to use The Genius Truck Franchise System.

How many trucks/vehicles do I need to buy?

That depends on how large or small you wish to scale your franchise. A single franchisee and territory should support multiple trucks (routes) and we will help to adjust your service area accordingly. 

Does the initial startup cost include equipment and the truck?

In addition to the franchise and initial optional local sales & marketing fees mentioned above, each Franchisee must purchase a Route Starter Package. This package includes a customized 24-28 foot Genius Truck Step Van service vehicle, complete with a custom branded Genius Truck vehicle wrap and fabrication and installation of the required custom racks, shelves, safety cages and storage compartments.

Additionally, as part of the Route Starter Package, you will receive an initial supply of the equipment, supplies and consumables to start your Genius Truck business, as well as initial marketing materials and a uniform package. The final cost of the Route Starter Package is dependent on the age and condition of the agreed upon vehicle, but the range is typically between $39,000 and $45,000 for a resale truck, but up to $80,000 if you choose to purchase a new truck, both of which a portion may be financed.



Brian W.
  - Phoenix, AZ

At first I was skeptical. I had to pretty much stop using two existing vendors to give The Genius Truck a try. We never looked back. Excellent idea and service.

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