Common Franchise FAQ's

Great minds think alike. Below are common questions from prospective Franchisees.

 - What is your Franchise Fee?

The franchise fee for starting a Genius Truck Franchise is $22,500. For this you will assigned a protected territory, and you can add as many additional Genius Truck routes in your territory as your market will support.

- What are your royalty and marketing fees?

An 8% services revenue royalty fee (based on weekly gross services revenue) is required to continue to use The Genius Truck Franchise System.

- How do you train me to do ALL the services The Genius Truck offers?

It's not easy, but we have developed what we consider to be an ideal operations and service system to ensure our crew members and owners are cross trained on ALL our services. We promise to stay with you on site, or invite you to ride-along with our corporate crews until you feel you are proficient in each of our service offerings. We know of NO OTHER service franchise that offer the length or depth of franchisee training that we do.

- How do I get a copy of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

In order to receive a copy of The Genius Truck's Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), please complete the online Franchise Interest Form to the right. This is the first step in having a conversation. Once we have received and reviewed your completed application, we will have a representative contact you directly. We will then send out our FDD to qualified candidates.

- What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The term of the Franchise Agreement is generally for 7 years with 2 automatic 7 year renewals if franchisee is in good standing and other conditions are satisfied.

- What kind of support do you provide The Genius Truck Franchisees? 

All franchisees have dedicated operations, marketing, and development support team members who they can reach out to for all operating and training matters. All franchisees undergo immersion to the brand, operations, systems, equipment and marketing upon franchise agreement signing. Then, leading up to opening your first Route, there will be comprehensive field training for all key positions and our Field Trainers will accompany your crew on your Route to assist you/them in the learning curve while servicing live clients.

- If I am interested, what is my next step?

It all starts when you complete the online Franchise Interest Form (to the right). Once we’ve received your completed application, we will help you through the qualification process, and based on your qualifications and interest we will arrange next steps, such as a Discovery Day to our offices for us to meet in person.


Brian W.
  - Phoenix, AZ

At first I was skeptical. I had to pretty much stop using two existing vendors to give The Genius Truck a try. We never looked back. Excellent idea and service.

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