Our Genius Business Model

And...why our competitors are losing sleep.


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- no provider offers more services to a homeowner.

At The Genius Truck we know that being a homeowner isn’t easy. We understand that homeowners already make extreme commitments to own their home, and with little time and energy left, we believe they shouldn’t have to work so hard on their home. Even if a homeowner has the ability to dedicate their spare time towards taking care of their home, many homeowners simply don’t have the ability or equipment to do the many jobs correctly and efficiently. Between cutting the grass, trimming the trees, taking care of the pool and its filtration system, and the numerous additional physical tasks, it is quite simply too exhausting for homeowners to manage every aspect of homecare themselves.

Likewise, if a homeowner already relies on service providers to help, chances are they have to hire, monitor and pay up to 7 providers to get the job done. That means 7 vendors, 7 visits a week, 7 bills to pay and 7 relationships that need constant nurturing.

The Genius Truck is the only complete homecare solution available to homeowners and the only service provider with a one truck, one stop one bill model, all without sacrificing expertise or quality.

We provide a professional, efficient, and completely digital solution to making sure our customers are 110% taken care of. 

 - we are proficient.

Each of our Geniuses are fully insured against both injury and property damage. To achieve the highest level of quality, we invest heavily in crew education to ensure our Geniuses are properly certified in each service type, without exception. Each Genius is individually background checked during the hiring process to assure our clients that our Geniuses are good people, providing a great service.

Additionally, we make sure our Trucks are immaculate at each stop and that our Geniuses look as good as the homes they tend – with the Geniuses always uniformed and clean cut, which further emphasizes our commitment to providing a level of professionalism no other lawn or home care company can match.

Simply put, no other home and lawn care company offers even a fraction of the  level of quality in their client service, and our clients immediately consider The Genius Truck in a class of its own!

- we are efficient.

One of the most frustrating things about hiring a local lawn care company, typically just 2 or 3 “lawn care specialists” with a lawn mower, is the lack efficiency and reliability. We make sure our trucks arrive on time, and complete the services timely and expertly. And, because our service is weekly, we perform the right services, in the right order and at the right time. Never again will a homeowner with multiple services providers come home to find the "lawn guy" just blew lawn clippings in the recently cleaned pool!

Also, only our Geniuses only use the latest in home care technology. This includes the largest and most well equipped trucks available on the market today. After a homeowner agrees on a personalized service plan, they will only ever see one team, one truck, and one bill. Now that’s Genius.

- we are digital.

At the beginning of service, our clients will immediately register with our online client account system. Within this system, homeowners will be able to manage standard tasks like bill payment and service scheduling, but one of the most revolutionary services we offer are our detailed online service reports. During each visit, our Geniuses use specialized tablet computers that allow them to review and verify every service they provided. These reports include pictures from the visit, as well as individualized annotations as they pertain to the customer. Upon completion of a service visit, our Crew Leader then send the report to client before departing from the property. Never again will homeowners have to wonder if their service crews have shown up as scheduled.

Additionally, as a Franchisee, you will find a comprehensive suite of technology that was custom developed to help you manage your business efficiently and professionally. 

Our Genius Truck 100% web-based application suite includes:

  • Local Genius Truck Website
  • Scheduling and Routing System
  • Automated credit card billing
  • Weekly Service Reports function
  • Client account management access 
  • Automated email / newsletter system
  • Automated truck routing system w/GPS tracking
  - Paradise Valley, AZ

Okay, I admit I thought it was going to be a bad idea. I was skeptical one company could be "good" at so many services. I was wrong. They take each task as an equally serious part of their packages and are experts throughout.

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